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Redesigned for Better Performance Reviews, April 2012
Posted by ArshadWed, 07 Mar 2012 16:29:00 GMT

In April 2012 ClearGears launches a newly designed version of our ongoing, 360º performance review software that makes it easier to see data, create questions and reports, and manage performance. Some changes will be visible to all users, while others will only be visible to the account administrators. These changes will be for everyone:

Give feedback fast. The new questions page will allow for faster feedback to more people, making the process of giving feedback fast and smooth:


See how you’re trending. The results of your ongoing performance reviews should be really clear. The new design makes it possible to see how performance and satisfaction trends over time in just one click, using the new History filters:


Save and sort every ‘thank you.’ Most performance reviews include ratings and comments. The new comments section makes it clear who sent what to you, and to whom each comment was directed:


At-a-glance navigation.  The new side menu makes it easy to find what you’re looking for fast:


The changes below will be visible to the people who manage the ClearGears account.

Sort employees by performance over any timeframe. With the click of a button you’ll be able to see who the top performers were over any timeframe:


Track compliance from month to month. See who how much feedback people are giving over time:


Customize questions and answer sets. Create as many questions as you want, with as many variations in answer choices that you want:  

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